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Superb Exhibition of Movie Costumes at the V & A


The V & A are holding a blockbuster exhibition called Hollywood Costume, so if you are an ardent fashionista, this is one place that’s definitely worth visiting to see some of the sexiest dresses that have ever hit our screens being displayed in a wonderful way.

There are frocks the silver screen icon Marilyn Monroe wore in the unforgettable film, Some Like It Hot, including the amazing cocktail dress that John Orry-Kelly, the legendary dress designer, created just for the star. Incredibly, Marilyn Monroe came across as one meaty lady but when seeing her dresses, visitors may be just a little shocked to see how tiny her creations really are.

The exhibition is considered to be the most exciting events since the superb Treasures of Tutankhamun hit London back in the seventies. It promises to be heaven for all film fans and cinephiles alike.

Treasures of Tutankhamun


The way the exhibition has been set up makes it more than just some amazing dresses placed on dummies for the world to see. The event takes place in three rooms all of which are lit to have the maximum effect on the clothes. There are great soundtracks and each of the outfits is displayed below a screen where the stars of the movies read out their lines creating a great environment for the costumes to be displayed in.

 Harrison Ford

But there are not just sexy dresses at the exhibition, there are clothes that Harrison Ford wore in the Raiders of the Lost Ark included in the exhibition too. There’s heaps of information about the outfits too – for instance, not many know that Harrison’s leather jacket was made to look old and distressed by using Ford’s penknife and a sheet or two of sandpaper.

The exhibition promises to keep people intrigued with superman and catwoman costumes hovering over their heads as they wander around the exhibition. One of the displays has the superb pink-feathered corset that Nicole Kidman wore in the movie Moulin Rouge, sitting on a swing that’s cleverly suspended from the ceiling in one of the rooms.

Marilyn Monroe


Many of the costumes on display were rescued by serious collectors over the years. These wonderful outfits have been given on loan to the organisers for this special and unique exhibition at the V & A. With gorgeous, sexy dresses worn by Marilyn Monroe including of course, the white halterneck she wore in the movie ‘The Seven Year Itch’  – now you can’t get sexier than that!

Breakfast at Tiffany's

The whole exhibition is a wonderful walk-through in time of sexy dresses, fabulously designed exotic creations and stylish gowns that Audrey Hepburn wore like a glove in the film Breakfast At Tiffany’s. But then there is Dorothys’ red dress and shoes from the Wizard of Oz – which is the first time these have ever left the Smithsonian Institution in America to be on display in a foreign land. All in all there are 131 costumes and outfits on display in what has to be one of the most well planned exhibitions of all times.


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