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Drew Barrymore & Her Faithful But Old Ankle Boots

Being a celebrity can be hard at times, after all if you are in the limelight, then you are expected to look as good as you possibly can for all your fans. Drew Barrymore is a gorgeous young lady who oozes happiness and this is especially true since her marriage five months ago to Will Kopelman.

Drew Barrymore

Drew Barrymoresource: Getty Images

The couple were recently spotted at basketball match in Hollywood that took place at Staples Corner. It would be fair to say they were more interested in each other than the ball game. The couple looked like they had serious problems taking their eyes off each other – just like true honeymooners should.

Drew Barrymore

On court were the LA Lakers playing a match against the Clippers. Drew and her man grabbed a beer each before sitting down to watch each other and have what appeared to be a very in-depth conversation before the game got under way.

Barrymore, relaxed and casual as usual, looked her usual bohemian self, wearing a nicely ripped pair of blue jeans stylishly turned up at the bottoms. Drew chose to wear a baggy but nice looking white silk shirt. The loose top did however, drown out her slight figure and frame giving the star a shapeless look, but this could have been because the star still feels a little shy about her figure after the birth of their baby just a month ago.

Drew Barrymore & Will Kopelman

On her head, Drew topped her casual outfit with a wide brimmed hat – which she did take off once the game started. She opted to wear her favourite pair of black ankle boots which, if the truth be known, did look very comfortable but they did look a bit jaded too. The one thing that was very noticeable was the fact the zips were not done up which begs the question of whether they were broken or not. Of course, this could have been a Barrymore fashion statement too!

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One splash of glamour was Drew’s pink lipstick which has definitely become on of Barrymore’s signature trademark looks. Her new man and husband, Will was dressed just as casually as his wife. He wore black trousers with a plain white T-shirt and a rather conservative off white cardigan. One thing that did flash under the spotlights was Drew’s two massive engagement and wedding rings.

Drew BarrymoreDuring half time, the couple were entertained by some rather scantily clad cheer leaders who danced right in front of the couple which seemed to amuse Barrymore. However, husband Will looked a little embarrassed and did his best to look away.

It’s great to see celebrities looking relaxed and casual – Drew and her man certainly looked chilled out and had on easy-to-wear clothes. However, as for her footwear – Miss Barrymore should look at buying a new pair of stylish looking ankle boots to add the final finishing touch to her wonderfully bohemian look.

Written by: Natasha Brown – an independent fashion blogger and bubbly fashionista.


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